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by Robert

Midwest UX 2013 Redux: Part one, workshops

I’ve been trying to hold onto and capture my experiences at the excellent Midwest UX 2013 conference. I had a couple of reactions seemingly common to other out-of-town attendees:

1. Grand Rapids Michigan is a gem of a city with an thriving design community
2. the local MWUX organizers put on a hell of a show

I had little prior knowledge of Grand Rapids. I grew up in the Midwest and moved back to the region 10 years ago but it’s never been on my radar. When I found out they were hosting MWUX, I was curious – how could this place be host to a design conference and draw a crowd? Our local UX community has been interested in bringing the conference to the Twin Cities and luckily I was able to attend this year’s event. The conference website talked the town up so I did some research and saved a few locations to a Google map. My ignorance was quickly remedied during my visit. Continue reading