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by Robert

Midwest UX 2013 Redux: Part one, workshops

I’ve been trying to hold onto and capture my experiences at the excellent Midwest UX 2013 conference. I had a couple of reactions seemingly common to other out-of-town attendees:

  1. Grand Rapids Michigan is a gem of a city with an thriving design community
  2. the local MWUX organizers put on a hell of a show

I grew up in the Midwest and moved back to the region 10 years ago but Grand Rapids has never been on my radar. It caught my attention when I found out they were hosting MWUX. Our local UX community has been interested in bringing the conference to the Twin Cities and luckily I was able to attend this year’s event and experience it first-hand. The conference website talked the town up so I did some research and saved a few locations to a Google map. I was curious — how could this little place host to a design conference and draw a crowd? At MWUX, my ignorance was quickly remedied. Continue Reading →

by Robert
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Corey Rich, Visual Storyteller

I was talking to the father of one of my daughter’s classmates yesterday. He’s a professional photographer and I was asking him about cameras and photographers I was interested in. I brought up Galen Rowell, how he was one of my inspirations and how I had visited his galleries and read his writings. I told him how I had loved hiking and camping in the Sierras and aspired to take decent adventure photos. My classmate’s father was originally from California and knew of Rowell. He recommended I check out Corey Rich, another photographer that he compared to Rowell in terms of mountaineering skill and adventure photography style.

by Robert
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The Veritable First Post

Apple logo with Jobs silhouette That’s right, this is the first post. There will be more someday, but this is the first. It’s timely to include this variation on the Apple logo due to the recent passing of Steve Jobs. It’s hard to believe that this has come to pass. It seemed that ever since his return in 1997, Jobs and Apple would be inseparable forever. It just didn’t seem possible the two would exist apart.

But as with everything else in life, nothing is permanent. As the man himself said, “Death is very likely the single best invention of Life”.